Tuesday, December 20, 2005

fast forward...........

transit strike in new york!

and how are you?

weird that almost 6 months have passed since the last post. they passed so quickly that i am almost in shock. however, i also feel in a very different place than when i first posted, so i guess time can really change things.

i am better... which surprises me. i still find moments of bitterness, but they are fewer and further between. mostly, what has surprised me is my capacity to be happy this year, which, shockingly, i was quite frequently. i think that the shifts are slow and subtle, but cummulatively add up in some amazing ways.

winter is here, yet for me there seems to be a thawing and life...unexpectedly... pleasant surprises along the way... and hope...

certainly sometimes i think it would be nice not to have experienced loss and sadness, but other times it feels for the best. without struggle there is no growth, just stagnation and at least i woke up from the stupor of my life and made some changes and found some new adventures

life continues to be interesting and surprising...


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