Friday, June 17, 2005

New York Times 1904 and Blatant Racism

Excerpt from the June 15, 1904 New York Times Article about the 1000 deaths of women and children when the General Slocum caught fire and ran aground. New York Times reran this article for their On This Day section.

Most of the deckhands were negroes and were apparently unmoved by the terrible sights they witnessed in the police station. All of them had jumped into the water and swum ashore to North Brother Island.

This section came after the article described the heroic efforts of many people to save the lives of the women and children aboard the boat. It seems to just be a targeted jab based on the author's own racism. I was surprised to see it in the article, especially in the New York Times. I wonder what other statements in other articles reflected the socially acceptable racist attitudes of those times?


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